Willis ISD Athletic Department

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Welcome to LLMS Boys Basketball!!!!
Thank you so much to the volunteers who helped make this season a success
Thank you to all parents/families/friends who supported the team
Thank you to players who committed to getting better everyday
7th Grade
8th Grade
Johnson, M, Brown, Osorio, Demmings, Patterson, Lopez-Lira, Oliver, Boies, Roseboro, Yeskie, White, C, Isbell, King, Gomez, Lozano, Jones, Williams, Harrison, Morozoff, Gober, Roberts, Bynum, Wilson, Boyd, Lawrence. Barber, Burke, Caldwell, Cornejo, Daniels, Davis, Dennis, Gonzalez, Kibble, Keo, Lewis, Lucio, Polk, Polley, Ragland, Segovia, Speights, Tipping, Snow, White, Woodhull, Lawrence, 

LLMS Boys Basketball Coaches
8th Grade: Joel Starkey/Emil Kimbrell
7th Grade: Dale Bohannon/Caleb Winn

Practices will run until 4:30 pm Monday-Friday. 
Unless specified differently by a coach

7th Grade: C: 0-4    B: 0-9    A: 6-3
vs Bear Branch: C- 9-45L    B- 2-30L    A- 33-23W
vs Waller: B-13-28L    A- 22-50L
vs Tomball: B- 12-33L    A- 37-30W
vs Willow Wood: B- 7-16L    A- 37-41L
vs Schultz: B- 7-8L    A- 40-14W
vs Magnolia: C-     B- 25-29L    A- 51-43W
vs Creekside: B- 22-29L    A- 39-41L
vs Montgomery: C- 7-23L    B- 25-28L    A- 48-34W
vs Brabham: C- 12-32L    B- 17-18L    A- 33-29W
8th Grade: C: 1-3    B: 2-7    A: 2-7
vs Bear Branch: C- 13-30L    B- 21-53L    A- 11-60L
vs Waller: B- 24-43L    A- 23-51L
vs. Tomball: B- 18-37L    A- 26-55L
vs Willow Wood: B- 32-46L    A- 24-55L
vs Schultz: B- 34-32W    A- 30-44L
vs Magnolia: C-     B- 22-34L    A- 22-52L
vs Creekside: B- 40-29W    A- 44-30W
vs Montgomery: C- 15-47L    B- 25-56L    A- 44-43W
vs Brabham: C- 37-29W    B- 51-63L    A- 48-50L
Records Unavailable
The 8th grade A and B teams are District Champs!!!!!!! way to go guys. 7th grade A and B Teams were District Runner Ups!!!!
7th grade Record
Black: 0-3-0
White: 6-6-0
Purple: 7-5-0
Black: 0-2-0
White: 5-3-0
Purple: 6-2-0

8th grade Record
Black: 1-1-1 
White: 10-1-0
Purple: 11-0-0
Black: 1-1-0
White: 8-0-0
Purple: 8-0-0

*****Practices and tryouts are closed to the public*****