Willis ISD Athletic Department

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Welcome to LLMS Boys Basketball!!!!
No Food or Drink Allowed in Gymnasiums at any time
Snack Area will be provided during events 
Thank you so much to the volunteers who helped make this season a success
Thank you to all parents/families/friends who supported the team
Thank you to players who committed to getting better everyday

LLMS Boys Basketball Coaches
8th Grade: Joel Starkey/Emil Kimbrell
7th Grade: Dale Bohannon/Caleb Winn

Practices will run until 4:30 pm Monday-Friday. 
Unless specified differently by a coach

7th Grade: C: 0-4    B: 0-9    A: 6-3
vs Bear Branch: C- 9-45L    B- 2-30L    A- 33-23W
vs Waller: B-13-28L    A- 22-50L
vs Tomball: B- 12-33L    A- 37-30W
vs Willow Wood: B- 7-16L    A- 37-41L
vs Schultz: B- 7-8L    A- 40-14W
vs Magnolia: C-     B- 25-29L    A- 51-43W
vs Creekside: B- 22-29L    A- 39-41L
vs Montgomery: C- 7-23L    B- 25-28L    A- 48-34W
vs Brabham: C- 12-32L    B- 17-18L    A- 33-29W
8th Grade: C: 1-3    B: 2-7    A: 2-7
vs Bear Branch: C- 13-30L    B- 21-53L    A- 11-60L
vs Waller: B- 24-43L    A- 23-51L
vs. Tomball: B- 18-37L    A- 26-55L
vs Willow Wood: B- 32-46L    A- 24-55L
vs Schultz: B- 34-32W    A- 30-44L
vs Magnolia: C-     B- 22-34L    A- 22-52L
vs Creekside: B- 40-29W    A- 44-30W
vs Montgomery: C- 15-47L    B- 25-56L    A- 44-43W
vs Brabham: C- 37-29W    B- 51-63L    A- 48-50L
Records Unavailable
The 8th grade A and B teams are District Champs!!!!!!! way to go guys. 7th grade A and B Teams were District Runner Ups!!!!
7th grade Record
Black: 0-3-0
White: 6-6-0
Purple: 7-5-0
Black: 0-2-0
White: 5-3-0
Purple: 6-2-0

8th grade Record
Black: 1-1-1 
White: 10-1-0
Purple: 11-0-0
Black: 1-1-0
White: 8-0-0
Purple: 8-0-0

*****Practices and tryouts are closed to the public*****