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Cross Country Info

We are excited to provide an athletic period for the WHS Cross Country/Track Team!! Cross Country is a Fall sport that involves running 2-3 miles for races. Track is a Spring sport that involves a variety of shorter events. Both sports involve training both the body and the mind. The discipline to train consistently is very important to success. Training each morning and afternoon is a great advantage to runners. It is generally cooler in the mornings. The afternoons provide training time when the body is at its peak for strenuous workouts. You will be asked to keep a training log in your locker to be filled out each day. You will be graded on this.

WildKat Cross Country Team Guidelines

Welcome to the Willis High School Cross Country program! Our program gives the athlete the opportunity to mature both mentally and physically, gain confidence, develop character, and to further some individual aspirations through his or her talents.

As coaches, we will assist and encourage the athlete in his or her quests for success which will give better meaning, value, and purpose to life. Our foremost concern is that each athlete will develop mentally, physically, and spiritually. Furthermore, we believe dedication and devotion to the highest standards of excellence and self-discipline will enhance the individual’s respect for his or her own body and mind and respect for those of others.

The sport of cross-country offers excellent opportunities to develop your body through physical effort and to enrich your character growth as you participate in regular and persistent training. Our team will offer unparalleled opportunities for learning the meaning of sportsmanship by actual participation as well as provide unforgettable experiences and the chance to develop life-long friendships. You will never forget the fun of competition, the joy in being successful, and feeling of working hard.

There is a place on the team for any person willing to work hard. As coaches, we will be dedicated to you and will spend many hours devoted to you. In return, your success will depend upon the kind of life you lead. The little things such as: how well you sleep and eat, whether you diligently follow the training rules, and whether you have conditioned yourself physically and mentally are all very important.
If you are willing to take care of those things, you will find success in this sport.

Have a great season and school year!!!

Sincerely, Coach Fossmo and Coach Jonika
All Athletes in the first period CC class should be ready to run by 6:00 am. Attendance is taken at 7:25am each day. If you come after 7:25am go to the office to get a tardy slip. You will have to make up the mileage of any missed run. Those Athletes that are not in 1st period must attend afternoon practices. Afternoon workouts will begin at 3:30 pm. VARSITY ATHELETES ARE EXPECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN MORNING AND AFTERNOON PRACTICES. *You may speak to the coaches about extenuating circumstances that may arise.
Practice Attendance: Cross Country is a training sport. Day to day consistent training develops the strong cardio vascular system that is needed to be successful. Each athlete is expected to attend all primary practice sessions Monday through Friday. ATHLETES THAT FALL BELOW 80% ATTENDANCE WILL BE SUSPENDED FROM COMPETITION AND MAY BE DROPPED FROM THE TEAM.
Every effort must be made to work around our practice schedule so that there are no conflicts with daily practice. If a valid reason for missing practice exists (illness or emergency), the athlete must notify the coach prior to the practice that will be missed. *A job, too much homework, will not be a legitimate reason to miss practice. The athletes have an hour after school to do homework. Talk to your employer about starting work after practice.
MISSING PRACTICE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTIFICATION WILL RESULT IN SUSPENSION FROM COMPETITION. It is at the discretion of the coach to determine whether or not athletes that are ill and unable to complete practice sessions 72 hours prior to a competition date will be allowed to race. In the interest of safety, the coaching staff reserves the right to hold out of competition any athlete that is unable to satisfactorily complete a preceding workout session.
*If you have tutorials, student council, NHS, or other club meeting in the morning before school and you are in the 1st period class, you must come at 6am and run part of the workout. Then you will be excused to go to that meeting. You must be back in 1st period by 7:05am to finish the workout with a note signed by the teacher.
Punctuality: Each athlete is expected to arrive at practice and competitions on time and be ready to run. IF TARDINESS BECOMES CHRONIC THE ATHLETE MAY BE DROPPED FROM THE TEAM. It is important that you get to practice on time. Three unexcused absences can result in dismissal from the team and/or loss of letter eligibility.
*Your grade can be lowered if you are: unexcused absence, consistently late, not finishing a workout, not being prepared for a workout(no watch, long shorts, no running shoes), insubordination.

Practice Apparel & Equipment: Correctly fitted running shoes, appropriate length running shorts (5" inseam) are required at practice. NO Basketball or other long
shorts. A sports watch with a split timing function is also required at practices.
Competition Apparel: Athletes must wear team issued Willis gear at all competitions.
Other colors, insignias or slogans are NOT acceptable. Undergarments worn beneath the team issued uniform must be solid white in color.
Athletes are required to wear warm up suits before and after racing. Do NOT wear uniform or warm up suit at school or for any other purpose.
As for attendance at meets, they are the reason we exist. The team is relying on everybody to perform the best they can. An athlete will only be excused from a meet if there is a prior medical reason or a rare unforeseen family reason.

1. DO YOUR BEST. Run each practice the best you can. 90% of cross country is mental attitude.
o Your body can always do more than you think.
o *Eat appropriate foods
o *Get 8 hours of sleep a night
o *Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day
o Running shoes; No flip flops or sandals!!!
o Wear team gear before and after meets.
6. PERFORM ALL ACTIVITIES AS DIRECTED BY THE COACH. Repeated failure to comply with coach's instruction can lead to removal from the team.
7. MEET ROUTINE: At all meets a team warm up and cool down are mandatory. You are expected to be a part of this. Failure to do this may result in not running in the next meet.

Conduct: WildKat Cross Country athletes represent the entire Willis Community. Each athlete is responsible for continuing our tradition of exemplary conduct. Support teammates, make a positive contribution to the sport, and act responsibly in every situation. Problems must be handled in a mature and rational manner. Communication with the coach is essential. ATHELTES WHO FAIL TO FOLLOW THESE STANDARDS WITH HAVE TO MEET WITH THE ATHLETIC COORDINATOR OR AD. MAY BE DISMISSED FROM THE TEAM.
As in all sports, the nature of Cross Country can cause injury. Most will be minor and can be managed with basic first aid. Your coaches are certified in first aid and CPR and should be contacted immediately if you get injured. If you become ill or dizzy, notify the coaches immediately.
Running Shoes: It is essential that you have a good pair of running shoes to practice in. Good shoes can help avoid many running injuries that can keep you from participating. Get training shoes that have good support and cushioning. Purchase them from a “running” store.
Spikes/Racing Flats: Those that want to run fast in the meet should purchase some racing shoes for the meets.
Water Bottle: Get a water bottle of some kind to bring with you to practice. It is very important that you drink lots of fluids before practice, during practice, and after practice.

The school district will provide transportation to and from each of our competitions. Traveling as a team builds team unity. If you use alternative transportation from the meet, please let us know the day before the meet and have your parents contact me when you are leaving. You will not be allowed to drive to meets or ride with other students or parents.
Before the first meet, you will be issued you a meet top and shorts. These are to be worn only at the meets. The league has specific requirements for dress at the meet, so don't forget your uniform. Any lost or damaged items will be charged to you. Take care of your equipment. Wash your uniform in cold water and hang dry.

VARSITY LETTER REQUIREMENTS: *All Varsity Letters are subject to coaches authority.
• Participate in 90% of practices. Complete the entire season.
• Finish in the top seven (7) runners on the team in 5 out of 7 meets.
• Run 3miles under 18:30 (boys), 22:00 (girls).
• Compete on the Varsity Team for the District or Region Championships.
• Senior who has completed 4 years of participation on the team.
• All equipment is turned in and in good repair.

As for attendance at meets, they are the reason we exist. The team is relying on everybody to perform the best they can. An athlete will only be excused from a meet if there is a prior medical reason or a rare unforeseen family reason. This must be documented by parents.


Treating one's teammates and coaches with respect and common courtesy is a fundamental requirement for team membership. Cross country, like track and field, must be based on development of individual talents that add to the TEAM result. Athletes are expected to naturally join the TEAM and support one another as individual runners. The requirement for mutual respect among athletes and coaches is broad enough to cover any foreseeable incident which may require disciplinary action. Violations will be dealt with on an individual basis.