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2012 Friend at Court - Rules of Tennis Tennis, from the beginning, is a "Gentleman's Game" and matches are monitored by the participants. The USTA has written a guideline for this called the "Friend at Court". It includes the necessary rules, regulations, and "The Code" which covers all aspects of tennis.
Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) The ITA is the national governing body for tennis at the collegiate ranks. High School players can follow their favorite school's programs results and rankings.
Montgomery County Tennis Association Keep up to date with tennis events in Montgomery County.
Texas Tennis Coaches Association (TTCA) The TTCA is the governing body of Tennis Coaches in Texas. The Association works closely with the University Scholastic League (UIL) and the United States Tennis Association Texas Section (USTA Texas) to grow and monitor the game of Tennis in the State of Texas.
United States Tennis Association (USTA) The USTA is the governing body of Tennis in the United States. Each state is a member of a USTA Section which monitors their section for rankings, membership, tournaments, and events.
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