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2017-2018 LLMS Boys Basketball Schedule



Wednesday 11/29

Brabham (Scrimmage)

Thursday 12/7

@ Woodridge

Friday/Saturday 12/8-12/9

Bear Branch B Team Tournament

Thursday 12/14

Vs Keefer Crossing

Friday/Saturday 12/15-12/16

LLMS A Team Tournament

Thursday 12/18

@ Washington

Thursday 1/11

Vs Splendora

Friday/Saturday 1/19-1/20

Magnolia A Team Tournament

Thursday 1/18

@ Moorhead

Thursday 1/25

Vs White Oak

Fri/Sat 1/26-1/27

Brabham B Team Tournament 

Thursday 2/1

@ New Caney

Thursday 2/8

Vs Tomball

Thursday 2/15

Vs Brabham

Wednesday 2/21- B Team Playoffs

Thursday 2/22 A Team Playoffs


***Both grades will play at the same locations unless specified
**B team games will start at 5:30pm and A team games will start at 6:30pm (both B and A will have 6 minute quarters)