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Athletic Training » Training Room Policies and Treatment Times

Training Room Policies and Treatment Times

(II.) Athletic Training Room Rules

Students who enter the training room are expected to follow the rules set forth by the staff athletic trainers.  These rules are as followed.   

  • No shoes shall be worn by any athlete
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the training room
  • The training room is for treatments and rehab only
  • Student athletes are expected to be respectful
  • Student athletes are to shower before treatments are to be administered


Reporting Injuries to the Athletic Trainer After Hours

If an athlete is injured from a UIL Athletic event or practice, and an athletic trainer is not available at the time, the coach should have the injured athlete report to the training room the next day at 6:30am (school day).  The coach should also call the athletic trainer to alert them to the injury.  If the injury is serious, coaches should send the athlete immediately to a physician.  All injuries sustained by Willis athletes at school sponsored events and subsequent evaluations and treatments rendered by Willis’s athletic trainers must be documented. Athletes are responsible for signing in daily before getting treatment. Athletes who are injured from non-school sponsored athletic events will need to see their primary care physician and bring us a detailed doctor’s note before the Athletic Trainers will treat them. Athletic Trainers will not treat non-school sponsored injuries without a doctor’s note from the athlete.


Dr. Visits

If a student athlete is seen or sent to the doctor, the athlete is required to bring a detailed note from the doctor’s office.  Once a student athlete is seen by a doctor, that person must have medical clearance by the doctor for return to play. 


(III.) MEDICAL EXPENSE/ INSURANCE: Willis ISD will provide a limited benefit SECONDARY insurance policy for students grades 7-12 involved in interscholastic sports.

  • This insurance policy does not provide comprehensive coverage. Our insurance works as a secondary insurance policy. You must file on any other insurance you have first, and then on our policy second. Once your primary insurance has paid, then the remaining balance up to a certain maximum will be paid. If you do not have primary coverage, the school insurance will only pay the maximum allowed benefit. There is not guarantee that all medical expenses will be covered and that ALL UNCOVERED expenses are the parent’s responsibility. Claim forms, available through the Athletic Trainer, should be taken to the doctor when an injury requires professional medical treatment. Make sure all bills are itemized to ensure maximum coverage. Claim forms need to be field within 90 days of the initial injury, and treatment MUST begin within 30 days of date of injury.
  • Also, understand that BENEFITS of the school insurance will vary according to injury and physician and/or hospitals visited. If you have any questions regarding this insurance, please visit. texaskidsfirst.com



Athletes with Illnesses

If a student athlete is well enough to come to school then they are well enough to workout.  If it is determined by the staff athletic trainers that a student athlete is not well enough to participate, then that person shall be sent to the nurse’s offices for further evaluation. Parental notes will not be accepted unless the parent is a licensed medical doctor.


Treatment Times

If injured, student athletes are expected to show up for treatments.  For the student athlete to recover in the shortest amount of time, three treatments daily are necessary.  Treatment times are as followed:

  1. Morning Treatments - (6:30 am – 7:00 am)*
  2. Senior Late Arrival Treatments – (7:05 am – 7:30 am)
  3. Lunch Treatments – First 30min of Wildkat Lunch
  4. After School Treatments – (2:20 pm – 5:00 pm)**


*Morning treatments are very important.  We understand that some students ride the bus and some of the buses do not arrive until 7 am.  If this is the case, the student athlete is still expected to come to the training room before school starts to get a lunch pass from one of the staff athletic trainers.  Students who do not attend either morning or lunch treatments are EXPECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN ATHLETICS.

**After school treatment times may vary due to the schedule of the staff athletic trainers. 

**After school treatment times may vary due to the schedule of the staff athletic trainers.  During the fall, treatment times will be shortened on Fridays due to varsity football. 

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