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Willis Wrestling Expectations

The following attachment is a general overview of our program and our expectations. 
We Will Win


Simply put, if you don’t practice, you will not be prepared.  If you don’t prepare, you will lose.  You must come to practice.  If you are not willing or able to make it to practice on a daily basis, stop reading this and give it back to a coach, because you will not be going to many, or possibly any, competitions.  There will be requirements on attendance in order to participate in duals and tournaments.  


Only Wildkat wrestling shirts, shorts, and sweats will be worn during practice.  You will be provided headgear, but you may wear your own as long as they match our team colors.  Headgear and wrestling shoes are required equipment, but kneepads are optional.  Those students in CA period 7th will use CA cloth and the CA locker that they already have.


After practice, wrestlers are expected to take a shower.  Rashes and skin diseases are easy to catch and to give to other wrestlers, and the number one way of fighting this is cleanliness.  Skin wipes will be provided for every wrestler.


If for some reason you cannot make practice, you are expected to call and notify Coach Thomas of your reason and whereabouts.  Disciplinary action will be taken if we are not contacted, and you will not be eligible to compete in our next event.




Varsity competitors will be determined by wrestle-offs.  A wrestle-off is where a wrestler may challenge a varsity wrestler for the right to compete in his weight class.  If there are multiple wrestlers in a weight class, there will be multiple wrestle-offs.  If there is only one wrestler in a weight class, no wrestle-off is needed.  Wrestle-offs will be available a couple of days prior to a competition  (Mondays) and are final (you cannot challenge the winner again that week).  If a varsity wrestler cannot wrestle in his weight class for some reason (i.e. does not make weight, injury, etc.), the runner-up will wrestle in his place.  9th grade wrestlers will also have the right to wrestle-off with varsity wrestlers.  We want the best wrestler in each weight class, regardless of their grade classification.  If 9th graders wish to stay during varsity practice and participate in wrestle-offs, they may.   There will be opportunities for sub-varsity matches, but only the top two will be taken to out of town events (unless there is a JV division in one of our competitions).


An itinerary will be provided at least two days before an event, listing where we will be at what times (some will be approximated).  I will give you a copy for you to look over and to share with your parents.  Report times and departure times are important.  Do not show up 2 or 3 minutes before our scheduled departure; show up at the required to report time.  If you are not there, we will leave you. The itinerary will be posted on the wrestling athletic website.


Wrestlers will have duties to perform prior to, during, and after events.  Freshmen and Sophomores will be responsible for equipment and assist the trainers, Juniors will be in charge of keeping our area clean and orderly, and Seniors will assist with the injured and will be required to make sure the Sophomores and Juniors do their jobs.  That doesn’t mean that if something needs to get done that you can’t help out because it’s some else’s job. Don’t stand around or run off when there is work to do.  Help out.  Equipment, personal items, and trash will not be left behind.  When we leave an event, I want Willis’s area to be the cleanest.


You are expected to be on your best behavior before, during, and after our competitions.  You will be representing Willis High School, that is, all of its athletes, coaches, students, teachers, and administrators. The only thing I want to here about our conduct is that Willis High was the best behaved.


Out of town and overnight events

Half of our events will be held out of town.  A few of those will require an overnight stay.  WISD will limit some of the number individuals who will travel for WHS.  As a result, not everyone will travel with us.  Coach Thomas will have the final decision on who goes and who stays.  Behavior, attendance, and attitude will all play major rolls on travel.  An itinerary, a list of those who will be traveling with us and event information will be submitted to the WHS office at least two days before traveling, and is available to parents upon request.



You will be issued wrestling equipment.  You will be held responsible for items lost or stolen.  We will treat lost equipment like the school treats lost books and fines.  Fines will be issued for equipment not returned.  If the fines are not paid, an office referral will be turned in, and your classroom credits will be denied and grades will not be released for transferring to other schools. 




Report injuries to Doc Ruble.  Ask her for notes outlining the injury and any restrictions, and bring the note to me with a possible release date.  If you are required to go to treatments, go to them and get them done quickly.  If the trainer requires you to get taped, get it done quickly.  We don’t need to have wrestlers spending half of practice in the trainer’s room.  If you expect to compete, you need to spend most of practice time on the mat.


Grades and Eligibility

UIL’s “No Pass, No Play” policy will be strictly enforced.  Grading periods and eligibility gain/loss days are listed on the calendar.  If you are failing one or more classes for the 2nd six-weeks, you will miss the first three events and will not have a chance to wrestle until the 1st weekend of January. Grades are extremely important.  That is the whole reason why you are here, to get an education.  We will check grades weekly and keep up with your progress, but you need to go to all your classes, everyday, and you need to do all your work and turn it in on time.  Education needs to come first, then wrestling.



Letter Awards

These awards, along with other special awards (Most Pins, Most Improved, Most Valuable, Leadership), will be given at the end of the season.  Letter awards are based on Varsity competition and practice attendance; other awards are voted on by wrestlers and coaches.  Wrestlers that have not turn in equipment or that owe fines will not receive their awards until they are returned or paid.