Willis ISD Athletic Department

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The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.
- Vince Lombardi

2017-2018 Season Records
7th Grade: Blake: 1-3-1    White: 2-5-1    Purple: 3-5
vs Bear Branch: Black: W 7-0    White: W 12-6    Purple: L 0-7
vs Washington: Black: No Game (Tie)     White: L 6-24    Purple: L 40-6
vs Magnolia: Black: L 12-13     White: L 0-26    Purple: L 13-24
vs Creekside: Black: No Game    White: L 12-26    Purple: L 14-18
vs Moorhead: Black: L 0-6    White: W 7-6    Purple: W 40-0
vs Brabham: Black: L 0-18    White: L 0-44    Purple: W 20-14
vs (Playoffs): White vs New Caney: L 12-20    Purple vs Woodridge: L 6-28
vs TBA (Playoffs): White: vs Tomball T 30-30     Purple: vs Tomball W 29-6
8th Grade: White: 3-5    Purple: 4-4
vs Bear Branch: White: L 6-20    Purple: L 14-24
vs Washington: White: L 14-21     Purple: W 21-18
vs Magnolia: White: L 0-27    Purple: L 8-22
vs Creekside: White: W 20-6    Purple: W 28-14
vs Moorhead: White: W 24-10    Purple: W 30-0
vs Brabham: White: L 0-14    Purple: L 20-23
vs (Playoffs): White vs New Caney: W 7-2    Purple vs New Caney: W 24-18
vs TBA (Playoffs): White: vs Montgomery L 0-26    Purple: vs Tomball L 8-50
2016-2017 Season Records 
7th Grade: Black: 0-2-3        White: 1-6-1      Purple: 3-5 
vs Brabham (Scrimmage): Black: 0-0T    White: 0-0T    Purple: 6-12L
vs Montgomery (Purple): White: 7-12 L    Purple: 25-20W
vs Montgomery (Gold): Black: 0-0T    White: 0-13L    Purple: 20-24L
vs Brabham: Black: 0-0T    White: 6-6T    Purple: 14-27L
vs Bear Branch: Black: 6-6T    White: 0-27L    Purple: 0-22L
vs Willow Wood: White: 0-28L    Purple: 13-41L
vs Brabham: Black: 6-7L    White: 0-14L    Purple: 28-26W
vs Tomball: Black: 12-21L    White: 6-30L    Purple: 20-16W
vs Magnolia (Playoffs): White: 14-0W   
vs Tomball (Playoffs): Purple: 0-8L
8th Grade: Black: 0-4       White: 4-4      Purple: 1-6
vs Brabham (Scrimmage: Black: 0-0    White: 0-0    Purple: 7-14L
vs Bear Branch: Black: 0-12L
vs Montgomery (Purple): White: 12-0W    Purple: 0-13L
vs Montgomery (Gold): White: 7-12L    Purple: 0-56L
vs Brabham: Black: 0-19L    White: 0-12L    Purple: 6-39L
vs Bear Branch: Black: 0-14L    White: 2-8L    Purple: 8-32L
vs Willow Wood: White: 6-0W    Purple: 0-32L
vs Brabham: Black: 0-14L    White: 13-12W    Purple: 0-34L
vs Tomball: Black: 0-13L    White: 6-26L    Purple: BYE WEEK
vs Schultz (Playoffs): White: 14-0W
vs Schultz (Playoffs): Purple: 18-6
2015-2016 Records

7th Grade:
Purple(A): 0-4 White(B): 1-3-1 Black(C): 0-3
vs Tomball 6-26L
vs Montgomery 0-32L 7-18L
vs Brabham 0-20L 0-12L 0-20L
vs Bear Branch 0-38L 0-0T 0-21L
vs Montgomery 6-15L 0-7L
vs Magnolia 7-27L
vs Waller 7-35L 13-0W
vs Schultz 0-6L 13-9W

8th Grade:
Purple(A): 0-8 White(B): 0-8
vs Tomball 6-39L 6-18L
vs Montgomery(G) 12-45L 7-24L
vs Brabham 7-30L 0-29L
vs Bear Branch 0-32L 0-38L
vs Montgomery 6-43L 0-24L
vs Magnolia 0-36 7-34
vs Waller 7-38L 0-39L
vs Schultz 44-12L 6-32L

2014-2015 Records
7th Grade:
Purple: 1-5 White: 2-4 Black: 1-2

8th Grade:
Purple: 5-0 White: 4-1 Black: 1-0