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Volleyball » 2018 BMS Volleyball Game Schedule

2018 BMS Volleyball Game Schedule

Brabham Middle School
7th-8th Grade Volleyball
Date Opponent Site B Team A Team
Aug 30 ** Lynn Lucas Away 4:30pm 5:30pm
Sept 6 New Caney Away 5:15pm 6:15pm
Sept 7-8 7 A Team Tourney LLMS   TBA
Sept 7-8 8 A Team Tourney Home   TBA
Sept 13 Keefer Crossing  Home 5:15pm 6:15pm
Sept 20 Splendora Away 5:15pm 6:15pm
Sept 27 Schultz Away 5:15pm 6:15pm
Sept 28-29 7 B Team Tourney Home TBA   
Sept 28-29 8 B Team Tourney LLMS TBA   
Oct 4 Oak Hill Home 5:15pm 6:15pm
Qct 11 White Oak Away 5:15pm 6:15pm
Oct 18 Woodridge Forest Home 5:15pm 6:15pm
Oct 25 Lynn Lucas Home 5:15pm 6:15pm
Oct 31 "B" Playoff Home 5:30pm 6:30pm
Nov 1 "A" Playoff Home 5:30pm 6:30pm
  ** Pre-season       
**C Games will begin at 4:30pm with B games at 5:30pm, with A at 6:30pm.
Schools will know in August if they will have C teams or not.  
#JH Night @ WHS  Date TBA  Team introductions between JV and Varsity, be @ WHS by 5:30pm 
If the opponent does not have a C team, our C players will scrimmage each other 
from 4:30pm-5:00pm for home games. The C teams will not travel to away sites.